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ETA is the premier destination for OEM Remanufactured Transmissions and rigorously tested pre-owned Transmissions. Obtain the identical Transmission you'd receive from your dealership at a fraction of the cost – up to 40% less, to be exact. Expect most parts to be delivered within 3-5 days for your convenience.

Remanufactured Transmissions

6L80 Reman Transmission

We have spent years and countless hours narrowing down the nations top quality suppliers. The relationships we have established with the few we do use, helps us get you the right transmission.

HD Industrial Transmissions

Tractor Transmission

Need a Quality Replacement Industrial Transmission for your fleet? We provide HD engines for applications such as delivery trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, snow plows, tractors and much more.

Tested and Certified Used

Tested Used Transmissions

All of our pre-owned trasnissions are rigorously tested and inspected prior to shipping. This allows us to warranty your engine to keep your vehicle on the road for years to come. Get the highest quality at ETA!


Tested and Certified
Low Mileage Used Transmissions

Transmission Testing

In today’s economy, saving money is crucial. With ETA, you can potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by opting for a quality-tested used transmission to repair your vehicle. With ETA, you gain assurance knowing that your transmission has undergone rigorous testing, cleaning, and certification. The greatest advantage of purchasing a used engine or transmission is that they are always original equipment manufacturer replacement parts and come with a 100% guarantee!

Make the savvy choice for your vehicle - choose ETA for tested and certified low mileage used engines. Unlock savings without compromising on performance!>

Navigating the realm of used replacement engine transmissions can often trigger a sense of caution among consumers. Understanding this sentiment, ETA has dedicated years to cultivating strong partnerships with premier suppliers, prioritizing the unwavering satisfaction of its customers. Selecting the right entity to entrust with your part needs carries significant weight, particularly in the realm of pre-owned components. With ETA, confidence is instilled through a comprehensive money-back guarantee and an assurance of order accuracy, ensuring that you receive precisely what you've invested in.

Choose ETA as your trusted partner for used and replacement transmissions. With our guarantee and years of industry trust, we ensure your satisfaction is our top priority.


Factory Floor

Our Commitment to Quality

Engines and Transmissions of America has dedicated years and extensive efforts to identify the nation's premier suppliers, establishing strong relationships with only a select few. This approach enables us to deliver the finest quality crate transmissions at the best price, accompanied by robust warranties.

We maintain unwavering standards, and our suppliers understand that adherence to our high ethical benchmarks is imperative for any product dispatched to our customers.

At ETA, we exclusively collaborate with top-tier remanufacturers to furnish our clients with meticulously built transmissions. Prior to shipment, each remanufactured transmission undergoes rigorous testing using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to ensure performance on par with or superior to brand-new transmissions.

Every unit endures stringent tests before earning approval for installation and receiving a nationwide warranty stamp. Our comprehensive evaluations, conducted in part by dynos, yield the highest level of initial operational transmissions in the industry.

Moreover, each transmission is remanufactured by an ASE-Certified builder, overseeing the process from disassembly and inspection to meticulous build, ensuring 100% quality control. Specializing in specific transmission families, our builders expedite production while reducing failure rates, thereby enhancing efficiency and reliability.

When it comes to replacing a transmission, getting it right the first time not only saves money but also prevents headaches. Ensure a hassle-free experience by opting for the nation's best parts and labor warranty. With this coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're protected if anything unexpected occurs.

Distinguishing Remanufactured Transmissions from Rebuilt Transmissions

The differences between remanufactured and rebuilt transmissions are possibly the most misunderstood part of selecting a transmission. We explain it here.

Remanufactured is Top Quality

Remanufactured transmissions stand out for their top quality in the industry. Unlike rebuilt or used parts, they offer superior performance and reliability.

Rebuilt Transmissions Often Fail Quickly

Rebuilt transmissions, on the other hand, often pose a risk of quick failure. In a rebuilding process, only the failed part is replaced, sometimes with a used component, leaving potential for recurring or new issues. This approach falls short as it fails to address the overall condition of the transmission.

Remanufactured Transmissions out Perform New Transmissions

In contrast, remanufactured transmissions undergo a meticulous process, using upgraded OEM parts. This ensures a better than new condition. This involves thorough disassembly, inspection, and replacement of all soft parts with new components, using upgrades on all known failure prone parts. Additionally, worn hard parts are re-machined or replaced, ensuring optimal functionality. The unit is then subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee performance, surpassing a brand-new transmission with zero miles. Moreover, remanufactured transmissions come with a robust 3-year parts and labor nationwide warranty, providing peace of mind to customers.

Make the sure for your vehicle – choose a new ETA remanufactured transmission for unparalleled quality and performance!


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