We will test and diagnose your module at no cost. We repair ECM, TCM, BCM, ABS and PCM modules. Most repairs or diagnostics are available in 24 hours with a free 12 month or optional lifetime warranty.

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Module Repair

We repair ECM, TCM, BCM, PCM and ABS Modules. If your unit is repairable, most repair costs are $200-$249 for gas and $300-499 for diesel. Most repairs or diagnosis results are in 24 hours. 12 month warranites are free and lifetime warranties are available.

module repair
transmission control module

Module diagnose

ETA will diagnose the trouble codes you provide along with your vehicle symptoms to pin point the exact fault with your module. We check the internal electrical parts of the module for any and all defects. Once the inspection is done we repair all damaged areas on the module, as well as all common failure problem areas. Programming is updated on the unit, the module is then retested to ensure full functionality.

ETA Remanufactured Modules

ETA uses only top quality components to supply our clients with professionally remanufactured Control Modules. We use the highest quality Original equipment manufacturer parts when remanufacturing your Control Module. Prior to being shipped All of our Remanufactured Control Modules are tested with industry leading diagnostic equipment to ensure your replacement Control Module will perform similar or better than a brand new Control Module. The reason it could be a better part, is because we use Manufacturers that actually improve upon manufacturer defects and replace common failures with updated parts, so you’re new Control Module, will likely last longer than your original one did. We have a large selection of modules to choose from, so finding your computer will be a snap!!

Testing a module
Power control module

Remanufactured Module Types

The following is a description of the modules and what they do.

  • Engine Control Module or (ECM – ECU)

    Engine Control Module or (ECM – ECU) is the brains of your vehicle. It monitors all the functions of your car, and if it notices something is off it will send a signal causing the check engine light to come on. The best way to make sure you are ordering the correct part is to check the original part number on your unit. The ECM, or ECU, controls numerous operations in your vehicle. The most common symptoms caused by a bad ECM are Injector issues, Ignition Idle, Air Control issues, no communication just to name a few. Your check engine Light won’t always come on when the ECM malfunctions.

  • Body Control Module or (BCM)

    A Body Control Module or (BCM) is responsible for monitoring and controlling various electronic accessories in a vehicle’s body. Typically the BCM controls the power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, immobilizer system, central locking, seats, radio, even the instrument cluster.

  • Transmission Module or (TCM)

    Transmission Module or (TCM) does exactly what the name says. It controls your Transmission. It is an electronic module that controls the operation of your Transmission. In some vehicles the TCM is a separate component, while in others the TCM is a sub-module inside the powertrain control module. A TCM not functioning correctly could cause your transmission to not shift gear, or shift to hard. It can also cause your transmission to shift into the wrong gears as well.

  • Power-Train Control Module or (PCM)

    A power-train control module, abbreviated PCM, is an automotive component, a control unit, used on motor vehicles. It is generally a combined control unit, consisting of the engine control unit (ECU) and the transmission control unit (TCU). ... The PCM commonly controls more than 100 factors in a car or truck.

  • Anti-Lock Braking System or (ABS)

    An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a safety anti-skid braking system. ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking, thereby maintaining tractive contact with the road surface.

  • All manufacturer TSB's are addressed
  • Most modules are plug and play, no need for expensive programming
  • Updated high quality component replacement
  • 40% savings over dealer cost
  • Manufactured to Correct OE Specs
  • Complete Restoration/Resoldering of All Critical Circuits for Maximum Electrical Flow