OG Module

ECM, TCM, BCM, PCM and ABS Modules

At ETA, we exclusively employ top-tier components to deliver professionally remanufactured modules to our clients. Our process involves utilizing the highest quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Prior to dispatch, all of our remanufactured modules undergo rigorous testing with industry-leading diagnostic equipment. This ensures that your replacement computer component will operate equivalently or even surpass the performance of a brand new module. Moreover, our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere replication. We collaborate with manufacturers who actively enhance over original defects and incorporate updated parts to address common failures. This means that your new control module is not only a replacement but likely an upgrade, promising extended durability compared to your original unit.

Explore our extensive selection of modules to swiftly locate your desired computer component. With ETA, finding your perfect Control Module is a breeze!


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