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ETA carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a 5 star rating on Google!


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In a bid to modernize an outdated sector, ETA embarked on a mission to transform the handling and delivery of automotive parts. Shifting away from mere transactional focus, ETA redefined its business model to prioritize client relationships and product excellence. This strategic shift involved years of dedicated effort to nurture strong ties with top-tier suppliers, ensuring utmost satisfaction for clients. As ETA's expertise in the industry deepened, so did its market influence. Suppliers recognized the imperative of keeping ETA content to sustain the steady flow of orders. Consequently, they rigorously adhered to ETA's exacting standards, ensuring each part dispatched surpassed expectations. Over time, ETA's enterprise flourished alongside its expanding array of parts, facilitating the successful delivery of thousands of orders to delighted clients.

Our Customer Service

At ETA, exceptional customer service reigns supreme. We prioritize active listening and understanding our clients' needs to provide tailored solutions. With traditional values and a belief that the customer is always right, we ensure swift resolution of any concerns or issues via phone or email within 24 hours. Our easy return process and commitment to making things right underscore our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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